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NuGet Packages & Binaries

The recommended way to get Math.NET Numerics is NuGet. The following packages are provided and maintained in the public NuGet Gallery. The complete set of Zip and NuGet packages including symbol packages is also available in the release archive.

Math.NET Numerics

In most scenarios you'll only need the primary package named MathNet.Numerics. If you are working with F# we recommend to also use the F# extension package for a more natural and idiomatic experience.

MathNet.NET Numerics Release Notes

Both packages above do not have a strong name. While we do not recommend it, there are valid scenarios where strong named assemblies are required. That's why we also provide strong-named variants with the .Signed suffix. Note that signed packages do not contain portable builds.

Intel MKL Native Provider

The new combined package includes both 32 and 64 bit binaries and can automatically pick the right one at runtime. It is also MsBuild integrated, so there is no more need to any manual file handling. But it is only supported by Math.NET Numerics v3.6.0 and higher.

If you intend to maintain the native binaries manually it may be easier to download the Zip file in the release archive.

Intel MKL Native Provider Release Notes

Data Extensions

Data/IO Packages for reading and writing data.

Data Extensions Release Notes