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Namespace: MathNet.Numerics.Interpolation

Interpolation is a two-phased operation in Math.NET Numerics:

  1. Create an interpolation scheme for the chosen algorithm and optimized for the given sample points. You get back a class that implements the IInterpolation interface.
  2. Use this scheme to compute values at arbitrary points. Some interpolation algorithms also allow you to compute the derivative and the indefinite integral at that point.

The static Interpolate class provides simple factory methods to create the interpolation scheme in a simple method call:

If unsure, we recommend using RationalWithoutPoles for most cases.

Alternatively you can also use the algorithms directly, they're publicly available in the Algorithms sub-namespace for those who want to use a specific algorithm. The following algorithms are available:

Interpolation on equidistant sample points

Interpolation on arbitrary sample points

Interpolation with additional data