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Math.NET Numerics Contributors

The Math.NET project is a community effort. We accept contributions and pull requests, but other support like submitting issues or helping the community are just as valuable. Why don't you join us as well?

Thanks for all the contributions!


Code Contributors

Essentially the output of git shortlog -sn in original order.
Feel free to add a link to your personal site/blog and/or twitter handle.

Indirect Code Contributors

Code submitted by other means that does not appear in the git history.
This section is incomplete - let us know if we forgot something.

dnAnalytics and Math.NET Iridium

Math.NET Numerics started by merging the dnAnalytics and Math.NET Iridium projects and their code base.

Other Numerical Works, References & Resources

As inspiration, reference or more - depending on the licensing terms

Special Thanks

For other ways of support, documentation, website, feedback, software licenses, etc.