Types in MathNet.Numerics.Providers.LinearAlgebra

Type LinearAlgebraControl

Namespace MathNet.Numerics.Providers.LinearAlgebra

Static Functions


Public Static Functions

void FreeResources()

bool TryUse(ILinearAlgebraProvider provider)

bool TryUseNative()

Try to use a native provider, if available.

bool TryUseNativeCUDA()

bool TryUseNativeMKL()

bool TryUseNativeOpenBLAS()

void UseBest()

Use the best provider available.

void UseDefault()

Use a specific provider if configured, e.g. using the "MathNetNumericsLAProvider" environment variable, or fall back to the best provider.

void UseManaged()

void UseNativeCUDA()

void UseNativeMKL()

void UseNativeOpenBLAS()

Public Properties

string HintPath get; set;

Optional path to try to load native provider binaries from, if the provider specific hint path is not set. If neither is set, Numerics falls back to the provider specific environment variables, or the default probing paths.

ILinearAlgebraProvider Provider get; set;

Gets or sets the linear algebra provider. Consider to use UseNativeMKL or UseManaged instead.