Types in MathNet.Numerics.Providers.LinearAlgebra

Type ILinearAlgebraProvider

Namespace MathNet.Numerics.Providers.LinearAlgebra

Interfaces ILinearAlgebraProvider<T>, ILinearAlgebraProvider<T>, ILinearAlgebraProvider<T>, ILinearAlgebraProvider<T>

Interface to linear algebra algorithms that work off 1-D arrays.


Public Methods

void FreeResources()

Frees memory buffers, caches and handles allocated in or to the provider. Does not unload the provider itself, it is still usable afterwards.

void InitializeVerify()

Initialize and verify that the provided is indeed available. If not, fall back to alternatives like the managed provider

bool IsAvailable()

Try to find out whether the provider is available, at least in principle. Verification may still fail if available, but it will certainly fail if unavailable.