Types in MathNet.Numerics.Optimization

Type NonlinearMinimizerBase

Namespace MathNet.Numerics.Optimization



Public Methods

bool Equals(object obj)

int GetHashCode()

Type GetType()

string ToString()

Public Properties

double FunctionTolerance get; set;

The stopping threshold for the function value or L2 norm of the residuals.

double GradientTolerance get; set;

The stopping threshold for infinity norm of the gradient.

Vector<T> LowerBound get; set;

The lower bound of the parameters.

int MaximumIterations get; set;

The maximum number of iterations.

Vector<T> Scales get; set;

The scale factors for the parameters.

double StepTolerance get; set;

The stopping threshold for L2 norm of the change of the parameters.

Vector<T> UpperBound get; set;

The upper bound of the parameters.