Types in MathNet.Numerics.Providers.FourierTransform

Type FourierTransformControl

Namespace MathNet.Numerics.Providers.FourierTransform

Static Functions


Public Static Functions

IFourierTransformProvider CreateManaged()

IFourierTransformProvider CreateNativeMKL()

void FreeResources()

bool TryUseNative()

Try to use a native provider, if available.

bool TryUseNativeMKL()

void UseBest()

Use the best provider available.

void UseDefault()

Use a specific provider if configured, e.g. using the "MathNetNumericsFFTProvider" environment variable, or fall back to the best provider.

void UseManaged()

void UseNativeMKL()

Public Properties

string HintPath get; set;

Optional path to try to load native provider binaries from. If not set, Numerics will fall back to the environment variable `MathNetNumericsFFTProviderPath` or the default probing paths.

IFourierTransformProvider Provider get; set;

Gets or sets the Fourier transform provider. Consider to use UseNativeMKL or UseManaged instead.