Types in MathNet.Numerics.LinearAlgebra.Double.Solvers

Type CompositeSolver

Namespace MathNet.Numerics.LinearAlgebra.Double.Solvers

Interfaces IIterativeSolver<T>

A composite matrix solver. The actual solver is made by a sequence of matrix solvers.

Solver based on: Faster PDE-based simulations using robust composite linear solvers S. Bhowmicka, P. Raghavan a,*, L. McInnes b, B. Norris Future Generation Computer Systems, Vol 20, 2004, pp 373–387

Note that if an iterator is passed to this solver it will be used for all the sub-solvers.



Public Constructors

CompositeSolver(IEnumerable<IIterativeSolverSetup<double>> solvers)

Public Methods

bool Equals(object obj)

int GetHashCode()

Type GetType()

void Solve(Matrix<T> matrix, Vector<T> input, Vector<T> result, Iterator<T> iterator, IPreconditioner<T> preconditioner)

Solves the matrix equation Ax = b, where A is the coefficient matrix, b is the solution vector and x is the unknown vector.
Matrix<T> matrix

The coefficient matrix, A.

Vector<T> input

The solution vector, b

Vector<T> result

The result vector, x

Iterator<T> iterator

The iterator to use to control when to stop iterating.

IPreconditioner<T> preconditioner

The preconditioner to use for approximations.

string ToString()