Types in MathNet.Numerics.LinearAlgebra.Storage

Type DenseVectorStorage<T>

Namespace MathNet.Numerics.LinearAlgebra.Storage

Parent VectorStorage<T>

Static Functions




Public Static Functions

DenseVectorStorage<T> OfEnumerable(IEnumerable<T> data)

DenseVectorStorage<T> OfIndexedEnumerable(int length, IEnumerable<Tuple<int, T>> data)

DenseVectorStorage<T> OfInit(int length, Func<int, T> init)

DenseVectorStorage<T> OfValue(int length, T value)

DenseVectorStorage<T> OfVector(VectorStorage<T> vector)

Public Methods

T[] AsArray()

T At(int index)

Retrieves the requested element without range checking.

void At(int index, T value)

Sets the element without range checking.

void Clear()

void Clear(int index, int count)

void CopySubVectorTo(VectorStorage<T> target, int sourceIndex, int targetIndex, int count, ExistingData existingData)

void CopyTo(VectorStorage<T> target, ExistingData existingData)

void CopyToColumn(MatrixStorage<T> target, int columnIndex, ExistingData existingData)

void CopyToRow(MatrixStorage<T> target, int rowIndex, ExistingData existingData)

void CopyToSubColumn(MatrixStorage<T> target, int columnIndex, int sourceRowIndex, int targetRowIndex, int rowCount, ExistingData existingData)

void CopyToSubRow(MatrixStorage<T> target, int rowIndex, int sourceColumnIndex, int targetColumnIndex, int columnCount, ExistingData existingData)

IEnumerable<T> Enumerate()

IEnumerable<ValueTuple<int, T>> EnumerateIndexed()

IEnumerable<T> EnumerateNonZero()

IEnumerable<ValueTuple<int, T>> EnumerateNonZeroIndexed()

bool Equals(object obj)

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
object obj

The Object to compare with the current Object.


true if the specified Object is equal to the current Object ; otherwise, false.

bool Equals(VectorStorage<T> other)

Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.
VectorStorage<T> other

An object to compare with this object.


true if the current object is equal to the other parameter; otherwise, false.

Tuple<int, T> Find(Func<T, bool> predicate, Zeros zeros)

Tuple<int, T, TOther> Find2<TOther>(VectorStorage<T> other, Func<T, TOther, bool> predicate, Zeros zeros)

TState Fold2<TOther, TState>(VectorStorage<T> other, Func<TState, T, TOther, TState> f, TState state, Zeros zeros)

int GetHashCode()

Serves as a hash function for a particular type.

A hash code for the current Object.

Type GetType()

void Map2To(VectorStorage<T> target, VectorStorage<T> other, Func<T, T, T> f, Zeros zeros, ExistingData existingData)

void MapIndexedInplace(Func<int, T, T> f, Zeros zeros)

void MapIndexedTo<TU>(VectorStorage<T> target, Func<int, T, TU> f, Zeros zeros, ExistingData existingData)

void MapInplace(Func<T, T> f, Zeros zeros)

void MapTo<TU>(VectorStorage<T> target, Func<T, TU> f, Zeros zeros, ExistingData existingData)

T[] ToArray()

string ToString()

Public Properties

bool IsDense get;

True if the vector storage format is dense.

T Item get; set;

Public fields

T[] Data

return T[]

int Length

return int